Stop the Internal Slut Shaming & Experience the Sex You Crave




Are you ready to change that?


I know what it's like. I HAVE BEEN YOU.


I went from cheating, hiding my sexuality and not be true to myself to understanding my sexuality and able to experience what I desired.


I went from feeling repressed sexually to being able to freely communicate my fetishes and desires to my partner and exploring them.


work with me over 8 weeks

​★ 8 video lessons + bonus material

★ coursework to start your sexuality journal

★ join an amazing & supportive Facebook group

★ meet new friends in a safe & judgement-free space

​★ evolve sexually and become conscious of your sexuality

★ gain better communication skills learn and learn to ask for what you want

★ experience less conflicting internal dialogue and shame surrounding your sexuality

Evolving your consciousness requires all levels to ascend and your sexuality is screaming for more.

1.0 Self Love

This lesson is number one because of its’ importance. Self-love defines YOU. It allows you the freedom to experience what you like and sets clear boundaries of the things you don’t like. Self-love, self-esteem – it all comes down to loving oneself. Do you wake up each day and love being you?

2.0 Love languages & Erotic Blueprints

The Five Love Languages® and the Erotic Blueprints™ are both tools that have been designed to help you better understand yourself and partner(s) specifically exploring relationships, sex and sexuality.

3.0 Pleasure, Play & Presence

This is going to help you you reignite that sexual appetite - how you become more in tune with the depth of your sexuality. Finding pleasure and play in everyday activities will assist you in finding pleasure and playfulness with your sexuality.

4.0 Fantasies & Fears

This session I discuss why fantasies are important and why we may experience fear surrounding them. I share a guided meditation to assist with uncovering and exploring your fantasies on a deeper soulful level.

5.0 Direct Communication & Getting What you Want

In this session we talk about getting what you want when it comes to your sexuality. I share the 3 Communication Questions & The 3 C's of Communication in order to guide you through this.

6.0 Feelings, Emotions & Anxiety

This is probably the second most frequently asked question I receive from women and men. How do I deal with my anxiety and feelings when exploring sexually? For women I find this to be anxiety and guilt and for men I find it to be jealousy.

7.0 Saying No & Feeling Good

I discuss the Wheel of Consent and why it is so important in owning your NO. I also offer some great advice and tips on how to empower yourself with this word. Saying no it an integral part of opening up your relationship & is important to understand.

8.0 Sexual Abuse

Trauma from sexual abuse lives in the cells of your body forever. In this session I help you to understand how sexual abuse shapes your sexuality. I then share ways to encourage healing your mind, body and soul.

Bonus Materials!

Throughout the course bonus material will be available for you. This includes a Full Moon Ritual, New Moon Ritual, Slut Astrology e-book and video about Friends, Family & Non-Sluts.


lifetime access to all Spiritual Slut content

I denied my sexuality for a long time. I attempted to conform to what society said was "normal" in a relationship.


Are you ready to release your authentic sexuality? Your truth?

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for you if:

  • You call yourself witchy, hippie, spiritual, new age, enlightened.

  • You are interested in exploring consensual  non-monogamy, polyamory, the swinger lifestyle or an open relationship.

  • You are bi-sexual and feel stagnant in your current relationship or stuck - you desire to explore more.

  • You feel your sexuality, fantasies and desires are being repressed.

  • You cannot express/communicate what you want sexually OR don’t even know what you want.

This course is provided in an evergreen format. When you complete one session the next will be available to you do whenever you'd like. I suggest using an 8 week format. It is your choice how committed you want to be.

There is homework associated to each session and the homework will challenge you to grow and get deep with yourself.

I suggest all Spiritual Sluts purchase a journal to record your homework and thoughts into during the course and once your finished. A sexuality journal is powerful!

This program is for women wanting to make a radical change in their sexuality. I guarantee this course will be the catalyst for this and provide you with the tools to explore more.

If you feel that you didn't get any value out of this program, provide me with proof that you've followed the sessions and completed all the homework and I will refund you the amount.

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